Social Media Tips

ECU’s Social Media team wants to help make your posts look attractive and increase your engagement. When you are posting your content, think about who you are targeting and add something that will catch their attention more than a regular post would. The ECU accounts are more likely to share other accounts’ content if your posts are in AP Style.


  • Use photos or populated links to draw the user’s eye to your post.
  • Refrain from using hashtags on Facebook.
  • Create photo albums from your trip or event and encourage those who attended to tag themselves in their photos.


  • When starting off a tweet with a username, make sure to put a “period” before the @ sign. This allows anyone who follows you to see the tweet, not just those who follow you and the account you tagged. (You only have to do this when starting the tweet with a username.)
    • Example: .@ECUGradSchool: Enjoy every second of today; you earned it!
  • If you have a photo or several, you can tag up to 10 accounts in the photos. This will not show in your tweet but underneath the photo(s).
  • Use emojis (have fun but don’t overdo it).
    • Adding one or two in is great but don’t overdo it with every single tweet.
  • Just because you are allotted 280 characters per tweet does not mean you need to use them all; less is better.
  • Try to not use more than two hashtags in a tweet.
    • Choose the most important hashtags and incorporate them into the text instead of just adding them after the text.


  • Pretty pictures work best.
  • You want your follower to stop scrolling through their Instagram feed and double-click, and to do this you need to catch their attention.
    • Example: The red tree outside of the Bate building is an ECU favorite; students, faculty, staff and alumni all love and recognize it. (Also, its ECU’s top Instagram post.)
  • If you want to utilize your photos on other accounts, follow these tips:
    • For Facebook, you can share via Instagram’s sharing button.
    • For Twitter, manually post the photo and the text into native Twitter, this creates a visual tweet without asking them to click on an Instagram link which would then take them out of Twitter into another site or application.
  • Try to limit your posts to once a day.
  • If you are posting the events happening that week try an Instagram story. It’s a great way to promote each event without spamming your followers with a lot of posts. Or if you really want it as a post try adding them all into one post (up to 10 photos) and talk about this week’s upcoming events.

Snapchat/Instagram Story Tips

Dos and Don’ts


  • Start with an introduction post; tell people what they are about to see using video or captioned photo.
    • Something along the lines of:
      “Hi everyone! Campus Living is taking over the ECU Snapchat today. Follow along to see our College Hill Block Party!”
  • Make it FUN. Feel free to include stickers, Geofilters, emojis, Pirate hooks and lots of smiles! The idea is to show off how awesome it is to be a Pirate.
  • Use a good mixture of photos and videos in your story.
  • Remember when you’re doing a video, the audio is defaulted ON unless you turn it off. For situations where it is very windy, turn the sound off.
  • Keep it simple: try not to do more than 10-12 (max 15) posts per story/event (people get tired of watching more than that).
    • For situations where it is over the course of several days make sure to always start out the next day’s story with an introduction.
  • Go behind the scenes when possible; show our viewers something they might not normally get to see.
  • PROOFREAD before you click “Add to Story” – you can’t go back and edit misspellings and this account represents our university!
  • Most importantly: use good judgment. You are representing the university.


  • Use profanity.
  • Shoot horizontal photos or video.
  • Abuse or pass around the university account.
  • Single someone out in a Snap without their permission.
  • Use last names of students. 

Remember: Have fun, but keep in mind you are entrusted with this account because someone chose you; they believe in you and your ability to represent ECU responsibly.